Important Facts About Pools


Every year there are people and homeowners across the United States that set out to complete a home renovation. There are obviously different types of renovations that people will engage in. Some of these renovations will involve the kitchen area, the bathroom area, a bedroom, or maybe even some form of landscaping done to the yard.

While many of these renovations are popular for involving work done inside, a good portion of these renovations involve adding to the backyard. People will look to add different things based on their sensibilities. This will include possibly adding a patio, adding a basketball court, or even possibly adding a hot tub or putting in pools.

About 19.83 million people lived in a house that included a pool in the year of 2016. This goes to show the popularity of pools in America and the number of people that use them. Understand that the average person will normally swim six times a year, some will do more swimming while others will obviously do less. About 41.7% of all pools in the United States are considered to be above ground pools.

Also, understand that popularity of pools is almost matched by the pure popularity of hot tubs. A well made and taken care of hot tub is able to last its user for nearly 20 years of time. This is a long time for a hot tub to stay in tact and to provide the user for a fun time. The Spa and Pool Marketing released a study in which there were 7.3 million hot tubs in the United States.

If you are going to install a pool or want to know more about pools, then take a peek at the rest of this article as we dive into the maintenance of pools.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

The United States Census Bureau released information pertaining to swimming and its popularity in America with the people who live there. This information revealed that the fourth most popular sport or activity in the country is definitely swimming. People love to swim and there are people who love it so much they swim on a nearly daily basis and even prefer swimming to be their primary form of exercise.

If you want to know about the maintenance of pools then there is without question a lot of information that you can come across that is available to the public. You do not need to necessarily hire a pool cleaning service to take care of your pool but you can instead do so by yourself if you buy the right amount of materials and chemicals.

Those who are experts in the information of pools recommend going out and cleaning your pool at least once a week during the swimming season. Swimming pools located in someone’s yard should have a pH level between 7.4 and 7.6 in order to be considered clean for people to sleep in. Also, know that out of all swimming pools about 85% use chlorine in order to sanitize their pools.

In Conclusion

There are so many random facts that involve pools and hot tubs that you should try to be aware of if you are someone who wants to have one of these items in your yard. Most people who use hot tubs will prefer a water temperature that is between 100 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you take care of the pools and hot tubs across America. You definitley do not want to be the owner or user of a dirty pool or a dirty hot tub. That can lead to sicknesses and also just straight up embarrassment.

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