Why Do Americans Move So Much?


Moving is a part of life. When the winds of change blow, sometimes there’s nothing else to do but go where they want to take you. Be that from a new field of study at a prestigious university or because of the arrival of a new family member, commercial movers have your back every step of the way. It’s tough enough choosing a good location and figuring out your new budget. Adding in the process of packing, wrapping and shipping? It helps to have another hand to shoulder the burden. Rather than doing everything on your own, seeking out a good residential moving service will make a bumpy road much, much smoother.

Why Do Americans Move So Much?

America is a country known for its wanderlust. Some would say Americans love heading out onto the open road because of the massive size of the country and all the amazing sights it has to offer. Others would say it’s because of the incredible opportunities waiting around every corner. As it stands, recent statistics have shown that at least 40% of all moves are due to new jobs. Another 40% are for personal reasons and the rest are relocations for government-related purposes. These are still not the only contributors, however…

What Other Reasons Do People Move For?

Heading back to school? So are many others. College education is one of the strongest indicators for someone’s likelihood to move in the near future. At least three-quarters of college graduates have switched communities at least once during their studies. Compare this to those with a high school diploma or less, where the percentage barely reaches over half. Americans who have never left their hometowns are also the most likely to have a higher number of extended family members within an hour’s drive.

How Often Do People Move?

People move around for a bunch of reasons. As you can imagine, this means people also move around a lot. Every year sees over 40 million Americans moving across the country or out of the country. The average person will move around 12 times in their lifetime and a third of all people in their twenties will move within a given year. People most frequently move during the summer because of the more agreeable weather, with May being a popular month and Labor Day weekend being a preferred holiday.

What Tips Should I Know?

Did you know 30% of renters move every year? Whether you’re someone that’s moved around three times this year or are moving for the first time in ten years, it never hurts to be a little careful. Make sure you choose a moving company with a strong reputation, as the last thing you want is a nasty surprise waiting for you at the end of a long and grueling trip to your chosen city. It is the responsibility of your moving service to ensure your belongings are kept safe and nothing is lost or stolen!

Should I Call Moving Services?

Moving services are a helpful resource to make the transition as easy as possible. A recent survey saw over one in five American-born adults saying the place they consider home isn’t where they’re living at the moment. For those that have lived in two or more communities that number is much higher. When you spend so much time and effort choosing a location that speaks to you, it can be exhausting adding packing to the list. Movers will help you with your relocation and get you on the fast path to the new life you’ve been craving.

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