Don’t Give Up Before You Give Couples Counseling a Try

Relationship counseling

Mental health is an issue that is much more complex than the average American seems to know or understand. For the most part, we are compassionate toward those suffering from mental health conditions, but we are also quite ignorant as to the why.

Anxiety is often overlooked as one of the biggest mental health concerns we face on an everyday basis. Often confused with stress, anxiety is when fear consumes and overcomes all emotions. Worry and apprehension soon follow, causing the person to make choices or even life-altering decisions while not functioning properly.

Anxiety is found in many individuals under many different circumstances. One of those circumstances is marriage. Oftentimes, the stress of marriage is thought to be the cause of significant marital problems. In fact, one or both of the partners might be experiencing a serious struggle with anxiety and/or depression. Marriage is a life-altering event. There will be trouble ahead.

If you are married and have found yourself in a situation where you are both thinking of ending it, why not give marriage counseling a try? Many couples are under stress in their lives, their work, and marriages, and that stress can lead to anxiety issues. A marriage counselor can help you and your partner get to the real root of what is causing the problems arm you with tools to move forward with confidence and hope.

Roughly 16 million American adults are dealing on a regular basis with major depression. Over 40 million adults age 18 and older suffer from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are highly treatable but we don’t always to that we are actually dealing with anxiety. Only one-third of those who suffer from anxiety issues receives treatment.

Couples counseling helps two people understand each other more effectively. Just because you marry someone does not mean that you know everything about them. That you understand them all the time. For any number of reasons, jumping to conclusions rarely leads to anything good, and yet, that is what we often do in a marriage. We believe we know the other person well enough to jump to conclusions about things without first trying to communicate with our partner.

A couples counselor can help pinpoint what areas of a troubled marriage are simply due to stress or if they are the cause of anxiety on the part of one partner or the other. Couples counseling is a way to learn how our partners communicate so that we might be able to understand them more clearly and respond to them with clarity.

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