Does Your Entertainment System Need An Upgrade? Find Out, Now!

Tv remote codes

Nowadays, advanced technology is taking over. Everything is being programmed to operate at a higher capacity, with more ease and efficiency than ever before. While televisions are becoming thinner and lighter, all remotes are becoming wireless and user friendly. To keep up with the times, big names in technology, such as Samsung, are designing all in one remote controls that provide universal remote codes for household entertainment systems.

Based on Nielsen?s 2015 Advanced National TV Household Universe Estimate (UE), America has 116 million TV homes, with most of them functioning by programmable remote controls. On average, according to the Consumer Electronics Association, most American households have at least 4 remote controls to operate their tech equipment. Evidently, when it comes to home entertainment centers, like home theaters, many households have a minimum of 5 to 6 remotes; usually, these remotes can control the TV set, the DVD player, the audio amplifier, the digital video recorder or VCR, as well as the cable/satellite receiver.

Because a majority of entertainment systems require multiple remotes, people often misplace their remotes, since they have more of them to maintain. As a matter of fact, about 20% of Americans own a tech device, such as an audio system, but they don?t use it because their remote control is missing. Remote controls vary in size, so they tend to go missing all over the place! For instance, according to a nationwide survey, about 2% of misplaced remotes are discovered outside or in the car, while 4% of them are discovered in the kitchen freezer or fridge; these might sound like strange places to lose remotes, but it happens, every day!

If you find yourself losing your remote, look into acquiring a Samsung remote control replacement. A Samsung remote control replacement has the capability to operate your entertainment system, with easy navigation and accessibility. With a Samsung remote control replacement, you can control your technology, all from one remote.

Across the country, an estimated 160 million homes own a TV, with as many as 335 million TV remotes. As the statistics show, hoarding multiple remote controls is very common; nonetheless, once you acquire a Samsung remote control replacement, you?ll finally have a chance to get a better handling of your entertainment system.

Overall, one thing’s for sure: the future of home entertainment is at its brink…

Are you ready to upgrade?

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