When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Your Home?

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It has been a long weekend — guests from Colorado for two nights and three days; Friday night high school marching band half time show; and an all day band competition on Saturday. With just a few hours to clean the house on Sunday after church and an afternoon soccer game, the house is not as you would like it to be for the start of the upcoming week. Definitely not the way you like to have the week start.
Sometimes having a clean house is exactly what you need to gather the energy and motivation to start a new week. In fact, 98% of homeowners feel better about themselves when the house is clean and organized. When your weekend hours are busy and exhausting though it is often difficult to find time to complete even the basic vacuuming and dusting. Many home owners and renters decide that contracting with a maid service is the solution to managing their busy lifestyles and maintaining a clean home.
Whether you own a 3100 square foot home in the suburbs or a loft apartment in the city, a maid service can provide basic weekly cleaning services, as well as the option for extra deep cleaning projects. Bathroom cleaning and maintenance is often one of the more difficult tasks in a home. Sixty-three percent of Americans go so far as to say that they hate cleaning bathrooms more than any other room in a home. Bedroom cleaning, on the other hand, is often the cleaning that is the most neglected. Guests and visitors tend to see the bedrooms less often than the shared areas of a home, making it easy to just shut the door to bedrooms when company arrives.
House cleaning is a task that if maintained on a weekly basis is pretty manageable. Unfortunately, if your schedule is so busy that you fall behind on cleaning, the task can quickly become overwhelming. A few weeks of missed cleaning tasks can lead to a cluttered home that is even more difficult to manage.
Even though 97% of respondents say they believe their families appreciate a clean home, completing weekly chores is often easier said than done. Isn’t it time that you made an investment in your home and your family and hired a maid service to help your home stay clean and organized? Leaving for work or for other activities is always more pleasant if you know that your will be returning to a clean home.

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