Reduce Dust Mites, Allergens And More Clean Your Carpet Today

How to clean a rug

Nobody likes a dirty carpet. Unsightly stains that clash with your sparkling furniture and walls are one thing, airborne allergens and dust mites that fester in unclean spaces are another. Carpet cleaning equipment is essential for clearing out your rug and restoring it to its original splendor. If you’ve thought of calling for carpet cleaning services but aren’t quite sure where to start, read on — a freshly renewed home is well within your grasp!

Carpet Cleaning In The U.S.

You’re not the only one that likes clean carpets! The U.S. carpet industry makes over $4 billion per year and has well over 40,000 cleaning businesses working all across the country. Carpet businesses are not only familiar with vacuuming, sweeping and reducing odor, they’re also keen on eliminating any bugs and dust build-up in your home. One ounce of carpet dust can house as many as 2,000 dust mites — bad news for people with sensitive skin or asthma! So where should you start with carpet cleaning equipment?

What A Cleaner Carpet Can Do For You

A clean, modern carpet not only looks and smells nice, it saves you money and keeps your air fresh. Uninsulated floors can cause anywhere from 10% to 20% heat loss in your home, which means you could be losing more money than you need! Children or pets can contribute to a dirtier, weaker carpet that needs frequent vacuuming. You should clean your carpet at least once a year, though if you smoke or have high foot traffic you might need it on a more frequent basis — it’s recommended you call a professional to clean out your carpet three to four times a year if you’re unable to vacuum consistently. The best residential carpet cleaners will ensure that your carpet’s lifespan is extended, your heat bill is reduced and your air is more breathable. Which carpet and upholstery cleaning services are you going to call today?

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