Sleeping Soundly, the Dream of Every New Parent

Mattress fitted sheet

Everybody wants a full and restful night’s sleep when their heads finally hit the pillows, especially new parents. In fact for many new parents, being completely rested can sometimes feel like a far off and unattainable desire that they once had the pleasure of experiencing in a long ago time that they have trouble remembering. But sleep doesn’t have to be a mythical thing of fairy tales, for new parents or the brand new human beings that have just been brought into the world. Just like every other industry and product with a demand, sleepwear, sheets and other bed necessities have vastly improved over time, giving sleeping people everywhere, of every age, a heavenly night’s sleep.

Baby crib sheets? What about baby waterproof sheets?

There is certainly a lot to think about before your new baby arrives, and the to-do lists typically don’t seem to get any shorter or easier after the baby comes home. Particularly for first time parents, there is plenty to learn. But there are also many new products on the market these days that make many aspects of parenting so much easier. Consider the waterproof fitted sheet that will typically go on the baby’s changing table and as a crib mattress protector. Often noisy and stiff, it is not the ideal thing to lay on when it comes to comfort. But there are now waterproof sheets for baby that actually feel and sound like comfortable sheets, meaning they are not the rough, rustling, rigid fitted sheets of the past. New baby waterproof sheets are not only soft to the touch despite being waterproof, but they also have zinc interwoven into the fiber, helping to make them less abrasive on the skin and more resistant to odors and bacteria. The latest upgrade in baby waterproof sheets is just one step in making baby happier and in turn, making life easier for mom and dad.

Making sure everyone sleeps tight
Having the right sleeping situation for the new baby is just one aspect of making sure everyone in the house is sleeping soundly. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to upgrade the other beds in the house while you’re at it, giving everyone a chance to sleep as deeply as they can for what is often a too-short amount of time. Having the perfect sheets and pillowcases can make a big difference. About 78% of Americans have said that the idea of going to bed can actually be more exciting if their sheets have a fresh scent, so the right detergent and fabric softener can even come into play here. But what kind of sheets will you be freshening? For a lot of people, it comes down to the thread count. Not a lot of people understand what exactly “thread count” refers to, but it is quite simple. The number of threads that are woven into one single square inch of fabric determines the thread count, based on the weft, or the those threads which are horizontally woven, and the warp, which refers to the threads woven vertically. For a higher thread count, excess threads can be integrated into the weft threads. If you like silky, look for a 300 to 600 count cotton satin. If durability is your main focus, percale with 200 to 800 thread count would suffice.

Just because you are a new parent doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to sleep for good. Making every move of sleep count with the perfect thread count just may make the difference you’re looking for.

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