How to Choose A Morgantown Rental Your Options Explained

Morgantown apartments for rent

Statistics tell us that if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re under 30 and looking for a rental home. Well first off, congratulations! Who said Millenials couldn’t launch, huh? But if this your first time diving into the exciting (read intimidating) world of Morgantown rentals, then you might be having trouble distinguishing between the subtle differences in rental properties. Here, we’ll explore the three main types of places for rent in Morgantown:
1. Apartments
We’ll start with some familiar territory since we’re betting you’ll appreciate that. Apartments are great in that they’re a flexible, and inexpensive housing option. However we’re really hoping you’ll take our advice and move away from the sketchy Craigslist basement apartments that are all the rage amongst young people lately. If you can, try to find an apartment in a registered complex. Apartment complexes are great because the contract is usually fair, detailed, and standard, and the landlord has less leeway to pull any shinanigans with security deposits or amenities. What’s more, most complexes have a regular accredited maintenance person, so if your sink explodes at 2 in the morning, you’ll have a number to call that isn’t Biff from Craiglist’s Skype address.
2. Townhomes
Please, beat back your panic. Remember those townhouses your alma mater used to offer seniors with good grades? Townhomes in Morgantown are a little like those, except we’re betting there’s no dried vomit hanging out on unattended carpet corners. For most townhomes, you have free range of the entire house (no upstairs or downstairs neighbors like with most apartments), and are responsible legally for both the inside and immediate outside, like the roof. However, most townhomes are part of some sort of Homeowner’s Association, so if your driveway cracks or you have a plumbing issue, that usually falls under their jurisdiction.
3. Condos
Condos are definitely the priciest of the three options, but nothing beats a condo in terms of convenience. For most condo complexes, the HOA owns the buildings and you are only responsible for the inside of your condo as well as your personal possessions. What’s more, most condos are in planned communities that provide various amenities, such as security, pools, recreation areas, etc. The good complexes make you feel like you’re living in a country club 24/7, so if you can afford the insurance and community dues, we highly recommend pricing some condos in Morgantown.
How do you choose?
At the end of the day, it’s all about your priorities. Obviously cost will be a factor, but beyond that, each of the three rental options have pros and cons. Apartments are probably cheapest and more flexible, but don’t have the square footage of Townhomes. Townhomes are big and you still have the support of an HOA, but the price tag goes up accordingly. And condos mean you’ll want for nothing, but the price can be high. So figure out where you are in life, and then narrow your options from there. And just remember — the average American moves 12 times in their lifetime, so nothing is set in stone.

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