7 Tips to Plan a Great Family Camping Vacation

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Americans love to camp. According to the American Camper report, almost all (99%) of campers surveyed said they were either “very likely” or just “likely” to camp again the following year. That same publication reported that in 2013, more than 40 million people in the United States took at least one camping trip. While tent camping is the most popular way to do it, there are other options. A lot of people prefer to rent family vacation cabins instead.

Tips for A Successful Cabin Camping Trip:

Ask what amenites are included in the cabin.Not all cabins are the same. Some family vacation cabins offer little more than a structure to sleep in. Others are fully outfitted with all of the amenities of a five star hotel. Most parks with cabins will list what is in them on their website but it is always worth asking the question. That way you can be prepared for whatever you find and will have what you need to have a great camping trip.

Look into your cooking options.Some family vacation cabins have full kitchens. Others have no kitchen at all. When there is no kitchen in the cabin, parks often provide access to a barbeque pit or grill. Make sure a refridgerator is included in the cabin if you know you need one. Knowing what you can and cannot cook in the cabin will make a big difference in what you bring and end up eating during your family vacation.

Ask about the heating and cooling systems.Many camprounds with cabins do not provide them with electricity for heating systems or air conditioning. Ask about this before you rent your cabin. They may have other things in the cabins for heat such as wood burning stoves. You can save yourself some stress by finding out how to operate the heating system they have included before you get to the camp site.

Write up a meal plan.This is especially helpful when you are planning a vacation with children. Plan out your meals and even do some of the prep work at home. This will cut down on the amount of time you have to spend dealing with meal time when you are out in the wild.’ If you plan to bake potatoes while on your trip, you can microwave them so thet are partially cooked at home and then they will not need as much time in the fire. You can also cut up veggies and put them into zip lock bags to save time and work while you are vacationing.

Do not forget to check the weather report.andnbsp;Just because you will be in a cabin does not mean you should ignore the weather. Most people enjoy doing things outside when they are on a camping trip. You should check the weather so that you can pack the right clothing. Packing so that you can wear layers of clothes is always a good plan.

Find out what special sight and activities are available at the park.When you call parks about family vacation cabins, ask about the activities offered at that campground. Many campgrounds with cabins offer a plethora of fun things to do. You can look at the park’s website but the staff there know the park well and may have suggestions that are not on the website. Some offer scavenger hunts, have nature centers, rent paddle boats, etc. Most campers enjoy doing a variety of things so make the most of your stay by talkting to the people who work at the park.

Find out what their cancellation policy is.As much as we hate admitting it, life sometimes changes our plans. Make sure when you rent family vacation cabins that you know what the cancellation policy is. That way you will be prepared if something comes up that prevents you from taking your vacation and you have to reschedule.

There are a lot of reasons camping is such a popular thing for families to do together. Renting family vacation cabins is a lot more economical than getting hotel rooms. Camping trips also give people a chance to unplug from all social media and spend time getting reacquainted with the people in your life who are the closest to you.

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