What Are The Benefits Of A Therapeutic Bed?

Adjustable beds

The average adult, according to the National Sleep Foundation, need about seven to nine hours of continuous sleep. 35% of Americans report that they sleep less than the recommended amount, and 91% of Americans say that they either sometimes or always wake up in the middle of the night. One way to help with not getting the correct amount of sleep is to buy a therapeutic bed.
Therapeutic beds are equipped with many features to help combat sleep deprivation. One such feature is the adjustable mattress, which can help fight snoring. As a frequent problem among adults and young people of each gender, snoring affect about 90 million Americans, 37 million on a regular basis. Adjustable mattresses allow you to sit the back of the mattress upright, to a height that is comfortable to you. This sleep position will help stop snoring.
Another feature found on therapeutic beds, are heating and cooling elements. 86% of people will get too hot or cold in their bed and wake up in the middle of the night to adjust. The optional heating and cooling elements in a therapeutic bed will help fight this issue, as well as relieve mild arthritis, join pain, and muscle pain.
If choosing and adjustable bed for you and a sleeping partner, a king size is recommended. The bed will come in two twin sized mattresses, that you put onto one bed frame. This will allow you and your partner to change the bed’s position without disturbing your partner.
A therapeutic bed can come in in many different sizes, styles, and comfort levels. You can get a full, queen, or king size, and you can choose from heating, massage, cooling, and other elements that are added to the bed. From soft to hard, there are many different comfort levels to choose from depending on your preference.

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