Florida’s Planned Communities Living The Good Life, All Year Round

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There are a lot of very good reasons that planned communities have been so popular in Florida.

Most are obvious: the wonderful weather, the access to beaches and other outdoor recreation for all ages, the year-round golfing and, of course, the Sunshine State’s unspoiled natural beauty.

Master planned communities already have so many of the amenities you might seek elsewhere that you rarely have to go far to enjoy life to its fullest. Working with a home builder, you can easily design the perfect environment for yourself and your family.

One of the other huge benefits of master planned communities in Florida is that the state is one of only seven that don’t collect a personal income tax. So someone in a high bracket who moves from New York, for example, could save thousands or even millions in taxes. And, buyers purchasing new Florida homes to be used as their primary residences get a $50,000 property tax exemption.

Land O’ Lakes, a lovely town with fewer than 32,000 residents, is one area where the concept of a self-sustaining community has taken hold. It’s in Pasco County, where Conner Preserve offers a tranquil environment typical of the central part of the state: steep sandhills, marshes, pine flatwoods and plentiful wildlife. There, local home builders offer designs that both complement the Florida lifestyle and accommodate the needs of the 66% per cent of millennial buyers who say they prefer suburban living to rural or city dwelling.

On average, there are 248 days of sunshine each year in Land O’ Lakes, so it’s no surprise that so many people tired of winter in other parts of the country find themselves thinking of buying a new home there or in one of the other hugely popular planned communities in Florida.

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