3 Life Events You’ll Want Quality Tent and Chair Rentals

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Having a quality go-to place to find tent and chair rentals might seem like a inconsequential factor, but it can save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run. Planning a party involves organizing hundreds of various details, from invitations to decorations, food and activities, and of course making sure your house or wherever you’re having the event is prepared for the occasion.

Tent and chair rentals, as well as other party equipment are an essential aspect of the party-planning and entertainment industry. Events of all sizes, both big and small, such as baby showers, birthday parties, weddings, meetings, conferences, family reunions, and school reunions, require seating for guests.

While all of these events will be enhanced with top-of-the-line backyard party rentals and tent accessories, there are some occasions in particular you’re going to want to be sure are up to par.

  1. Weddings: The average cost of a wedding reception was $13,106 and the wedding itself $26,951 in 2012. With inflation and the inherent trend of the economy that number has most likely only gone up. You can save some money on the smaller wedding rentals, but don’t cheap out. People spend a lot of time planning their “big day” and the last thing you need is a shoddy looking tent or unbearably uncomfortable seats ruining the day. Even if that might be overstating from the guests perspective, chances are the bride (or groom) will not be happy with such a result.
  2. Birthdays: While birthdays are not quite as essential as weddings, considering you celebrate one every year, they are still a big part of the American culture. In particular, Sweet 16 and other ‘landmark’ birthdays are important to get right. These parties have been known to cost between $300 and $25,000 or more!

    Also, the fact that you will need to prepare for these every year, it’s a good idea to have a reliable, quality supplier of tent and chair rentals nearby so the process will be seamless.
  3. Celebration of Life: It’s becoming more and more common for families to host ‘Celebration of Life’ parties in the event of the death of a loved one. You definitely don’t want a rainy day causing anymore hardship to an already grieving family. Invest the time and money in quality tent and chair rentals.

Parties and events should be a time for celebration and reminiscing without having to worry about the small stuff life tent and chair rentals. Find a good supplier that you will be able to use for any events like the ones listed above and put your mind at ease.

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