How Comfortable is Your Bedding?

Sheet sets

How would you describe your lifestyle? Are you someone who lives a fast paced life of convenience, or are you someone who takes a measured, slower approach to every day activities? If you sleep on a soft Belgian linen sheet set and wake up to a cup of one of the finest teas in the world, produced in centuries-old artisan fashion, you are likely someone who treasures every minute that you are given.
We live in a world that caters to the consumer. Caters to the person who wants to buy the latest electronic gadgets, only to move onto something newer a few months later. But just because many of your friends and family members live this frantic pace does not mean that you have to follow their lead. In fact, a few extra moments spent reading a good book atop a Belgian linen sheet set and covered by a natural down comforter is good for your soul.
It’s alright that much of the world does not understand the value of an unhurried and deliberate life. It just means that the antique and romantic treasures you find on a morning stroll through the brick paved market of downtown will still be there for you. Those harried friends will be racing through the malls and crowded shopping centers, leaving you to comb through paintings and furnishings that remind you of your trip to Europe last fall.
You plan your life, and your purchases, deliberately and with much thought. Taking the time to select and purchase organic linen sheets sets that equal the comfort of the Belgian linen sheet set in the inn you visited while you traveled Germany with your parents, gives you permission. Permission to take a deep breath, slow down and enjoy the journey.
And after all, isn’t the journey what you are after anyway? If you wanted to race to see every popular tourist site when you visited Paris, you would have missed that delicious cafe with the warm croissants and the dark, rich cup of coffee. If you would have been hurrying through the museums and the canals on the arranged tour package, you would have missed out on that slightly tattered poetry book tucked away on the bottom shelf of the used bookstore you visited for hours.
What if we all began asking each other how we slowed our life down and absorbed our surroundings, instead of comparing the busyness of our daily schedules? Could we find a way to stop arguing and debating, and instead start listening and relating to each other? This is a great source for more.

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