Information on Repairing and Replacing Church Steeples

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Modern churches look very different from early ones. In fact, prior to the Protestant Reformation, they did not have permanent pews. Anglican, Catholic, and Presbyterian churches used to rent their pews and this was a common practice until the early to middle 20th century. This practice was very controversial when it was introduced in the 1840s. Churches would rent the pews out to individuals and families to raise money. Steeples with classic church steeple crosses have been around since the beginning of the church.

Church steeples are vulnerable to damage from several sources. Church steeple crosses can be damaged by lightening causing damage to the entire structure. They are also vulnerable to earthquakes, which again can topple the church steeple and damage the church itself.

If the damage to the steeple is bad enough, such as when church steeple crosses have attracted lightening, it might be necessary to replace the entire thing. Church steeple prices vary greatly. There is such a thing as ?church steeple in a box? that retails for around $900 but others church steeples for sale have prices that can range in costs that go from just over $3,000 to the sky being the limit.

The damage to the church steeple need not come from natural disaster alone. Because of their height and width, access for maintenance is often extremely limited. A consequence of this is that maintenance just does not happen and by the time they are inspected many have reached a point where they are structurally unsound. By this point, steeple repair may no longer be possible and a full replacement is necessary.

Early detection of problems is crucial to avoiding getting to that point. Church steeples are often unprotected from other elements such as wind and rain and are prone to leaks. This can lead to structural problems both with the church steeple and the church itself. Church steeple crosses do not have to be hit by lightening for damage to occur. Given their importance to most churches? identity, maintaining their structural integrity is important. Additionally, many do not necessarily have the funds on hand to replace them if they are at that point. One bit of good news is that there are many companies who can repair and replace the church steeple so if that is needed, it is possible, if pricey.

Church steeples have a long and interesting history. They have been part of Christian tradition since Constantine?s conversion when he declared Christianity to be his state?s official religion. The steeple itself dates back much farther and is said to have come from a pagan tradition. It is said they were part of Pagan fertility rituals that often featured an upright stone, obelisk or round tower. When the church moved into Northern Europe and wanted to convert people, they adopted the steeple added church steeple crosses to make the change seem less foreign.

Steeples are also mentioned in the Bible, ?And they said, Go to, let us build a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven??(Genesis 11:4). It would be hard to overestimate the importance of church steeple crosses and the steeples upon which they sit.

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