The Connection Between Active Kids and Active Learning

Benefits of preschool

How Should Families Utilize Private Preschool?

Those of us with kids understand more than anyone else the fundamental benefits of preschool, and on any given weekday, over five million American children attend some kind of prekindergarten program. Establishing structure as early as possible is the goal of these preschool programs, and private preschool programs can offer even more activities for the summer, such as summer camp programs.

These specific opportunities can be equally as beneficial to child development as other engaging educational tools. According to the American Camp Association (ACA), 63% of children who participate in new activities learned at camp will sustain an interest in those activities afterward, enabling the child to develop important skills.

The Effects of Summer Camp Can Last a Lifetime

There are more than 11 million people who attend summer camp each year in the U.S., as private preschool programs offer such summer activities in order to help educate their students all year round. More modern families are considering the possibilities of summer camps through private schools, educating children through character development, as well as providing them with a fun, interactive learning experience that will stay in their memories for years to come. Private preschool summer camp activities engage the bodies and minds of kids, teaching them lifelong lessons.

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