Inland Northwest Lighthouse VIP Experience

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The Inland Northwest Lighthouse is opening its doors for a special experience for VIPs — very important partners, that is. You can partner with INL at any point in time, whether you’re a longtime supporter or you’ve never even heard of the organization until now.

INL is the first satellite operation of Lighthouse for the Blind, an organization that provides employment opportunities for blind people in the state of Washington. It hired its first blind employee in 2008, now employs 52 blind individuals from the Spokane area, and hopes to add more positions in the near future.

It’s very difficult to find reliable data regarding the employment rate of blind individuals in the United States, but the Lighthouse for the Blind has worked to counteract low employment rates among people with sensory disabilities by recognizing that there are many tasks these individuals can do well. INL workers, for example, manufacture wallboards, hanging file folders, binders, paper trimmers and dry-erase easels (often for use by the federal government).

If you attend the VIP experience, you’ll enjoy a catered lunch and a short presentation about INL, then get the chance to work alongside INL employees on a whiteboard. You can even ask some employees to sign it and take it home as a keepsake to remind you of the people you’ve met.

A donation of $250 is requested, though of course you’re always welcome to give more. You can also keep INL in mind for the future; about 70% of Americans donate to charity each year, and the Lighthouse for the Blind relies heavily on the generosity of community members to sustain and expand opportunities for blind people in the Eastern Washington region.

To RSVP for the VIP experience or to learn more about INL’s mission and operations, contact Development and Public Relations Director Shawn Dobbs by calling 509-487-0405 or emailing

The Inland Northwest Lighthouse is located at 6405 N. Addison St. in Spokane. The VIP event will run from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Tue., Aug. 18.

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