Domestic Oil What The News Isn’t Telling You

Domestic oil

Domestic oil is something we use virtually every day, but think very little about … perhaps we even take it for granted. But the fact is that domestic oil and oil in general is an important part of our lives. Should you want to be more informed about oil, domestic and otherwise, here are a few facts you may wish to consider.

1. Oil Is A Fundamental Part Of Energy Production In The United State

2013 saw oil and fuel production companies supply 89% if the nation’s energy. Some of that has to do with things like gasoline, as everyone knows. But a lot of it also has to with running and heating a home. Oil has become such an integral part of American living that making the transition to living without oil is very difficult … and due to its efficiency, few wish to do so.

2. You Can Credit Heating Oils With Keeping You Warm Throughout Winter

Though most fuel oil news articles have to do with things like petroleum … which is nevertheless a big part of our country … a lot of fuel oil systems are more commonly associated with keeping homes warm. It’s been estimated that more than 10% of American homes use oil or propane to stay toasty throughout the cold winter months. 80% of those homes, in turn, are in the Northeast. The Northeast can experience extremely heavy winters, so it says a lot that so many Northeastern household rely on domestic oil for heating.

3. Oil Isn’t As Costly As You’d Think

Slowly but surely … particularly with the movement towards cutting costs in America being so prevalent … the cost of heating with oil is going down. This reflects a trend towards oil in general, with gas prices going down $1 since 2014, which saw their highest prices. Recent oil prices lowering is an extremely positive sign for the country in general, indicating that soon, heating oils will be options for everyone.

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