Five Ways To Freshen Up Your Bedroom Style

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Have you been apartment hunting lately? It seems like everything is bland and boring these days. Apartments are all in neutral colors and never have custom bedroom furniture, handcrafted furniture, or any home furniture that’s unique or distinct. This does make sense: if you make any apartment too distinctive, some potential renters will love it, but just as many are likely to hate it.

Just because an apartment, or a home, is a bit boring to start out doesn’t mean that you can’t make it reflect your own personal style. Only 20% of Americans reported being happy with the decor of their home in a recent HomeGoods survey, and that’s a shame. Being happy with our homes is important to being happy in general, and one great place to start is in the bedroom.

  • Face up to the fact that it’s probably time. When surveyed, 47% of people in the United States say they haven’t updated the decor of their home in at least five years. That?s a long time to go without refreshing things. If your bedroom is boring you, if your bedroom has blase furniture, if your bedroom doesn’t say anything to you or about you, it’s time to become more comfortable in this space.
  • Think about what kind of style appeals to you. Maybe the answer to that question is “no particular style at all.” And that’s fine! Right now, 44% of Americans have a traditional look to their home. Another 22% go for modern furniture and decoration. Only 13% like the eclectic look of mixed pieces of custom bedroom furniture, contemporary furniture, and classic items. The “country” style is preferred by about 10%, and 2% have a global look. Knowing what you want to say is important before you get started.
  • Take a good look at your space and plan accordingly. You can get fine furniture in a variety of styles, of course. But when you buy furniture already made you’re at the mercy of the sizes and shapes that were pre-determined. You can make a lot more use of your bedroom space by ordering custom bedroom furniture. Not ever piece has to be custom made, but if you can make better use of that desk space or find a more elegant placement for a wardrobe or dresser in the size and shape you want, custom bedroom furniture could be the way to go for a few pieces.
  • Remove the clutter so you can make better decisions. Most of our bedrooms are filling with the junk of life. Go through the room and take care of this before you start doing your really serious planning. Throw away things you aren’t wearing and aren’t using. Donate things to charity. Get organized, and the feel and statement of the room will start to come alive to you.
  • Match your custom bedroom furniture with the right paint and bedding. It’s amazing what new bedding can do to transform a room. Get the best quality you can afford, and make sure the style makes you feel warm and comfortable. That’s what bedrooms are for! One of the cheapest ways to transform a room is with new paint, so get something that not only matches your style, the look of your furniture, and the colors of your bedding: but which will relax you for sleeping. Soft yellows, blues, and greens are usually relaxing, while creams and tans can look fresh and keep more rambunctious colors in the furniture or bedding from overwhelming everything. Greens, rusts, and even grays have a contemporary look.

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom. It should be a place that comforts you, relaxes you, and welcomes you in. If it’s not doing that, look into furniture, paint, and bedding that can freshen things up and bring you happiness.

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