Are Children Getting Ample Exercise? What Can Be Done?

Plastic tire swing

Playing outside is incredibly important for children of any age, who not only reap the physical benefits of being outside on a regular basis, but also have plenty of fun socializing with their friends in a variety of ways. According to research, it has been shown that children with poorly developed motor skills by age 5 will never be likely to develop efficient skills. One of the ways that we can change this is by ensuring that children get all the outdoor play that they need during this crucial time in their lives.

The State of Children’s Play Today

There is a fear that children are ditching traditional playtime for technology, and this is something that many believe needs to change. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, children aged 8 to 18 spend almost 5 hours a day watching various forms of TV, including on the Internet and their mobile phones. It’s okay to watch TV in moderation, but watching too much can lead to adverse health effects rather than do good. 83% of parents understand that it is important for their children to learn to use technology, but 9 out of 10 prefer that their children spend more time outdoors. There are just so many health benefits from enjoying time outside on commercial playground equipment!

Children can enjoy many aspects of a park, from a plastic tire swing, to a tube slide, to heavy duty park benches where they sit and relax with their family, or enjoy a nice lunch. Children these days don’t enjoy a park as much as their parents before them did because, let’s face it, all parents lead busy lifestyles and may not get to enjoy as much time at the park as they would like to. Children actually play outside about 4 hours a week, compared to the 8.2 hours a week that their parents got to when they were kids. With a plastic tire swing or a tube slide to guide you, your children can have all the fun in the world with other friends!

Do you want your children to be as healthy as possible in a world surrounded by technology and less real play? Enjoy your day at a park with your children, because the fun is out there if you just look. For more information see this.

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