Top 3 Simple Ways to Keep Up With Home Maintenance

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Keeping up with your house is a lot of work. It takes serious time and resources to stay up to date with home maintenance and upkeep. But it’s important work, especially if you’re looking to sell your house at some point. Real estate agents know that homes for sale that look like they’ve been well taken care of and improved will go much quicker on a competitive market than homes that need a lot of TLC and improvements. Though it can feel daunting to some homeowners, making sure that you keep room in your budget for small repairs and being proactive about maintenance can make things more manageable over the long term. And, when you start thinking about selling, you can rest easy knowing that your property belongs in the “easy homes for sale” category!

What Are Some Simple Ways to Keep Up With Home Maintenance?

Updating appliances and lighting as they wear out or get older can be a good way to keep your home in good working order. Making sure that you set routine calendar dates to check your HVAC and plumbing ensures that they stay in good working order and that you can head off expensive problems ahead of time.

What Are Long-Term Investments I Should Think About?

Cultivating your outdoor space is important — whether it’s investing in good landscaping or adding a wooden deck or other outside space to your yard. People prize
a good outdoor area to relax in and it can be a huge selling point. Updating your front door and your flooring can also have good returns on investment and make your home more desirable.

Kitchen and bathroom remodels also have a high return on investment, as those tend to be trouble areas in homes. Redesigning and updating those rooms can make a big difference in your home’s appeal.

If you bought an older home, have lived in it for awhile, and are starting to think about selling, it’s worth checking out how old your roof is. It’s great for real estate agents to be able to tell potential homebuyers that they won’t need to worry about replacing the roof for years, and it could be a huge draw, especially for new homeowners.

Another big project is replacing your siding, which improves not only the appearance of your home, but also its effectiveness at protecting your home. Similarly to your roof, it also means that new homeowners won’t have to worry about replacing it or updating it any time soon (of out of necessity, at least).

How Can I Count My Home Among the Desirable Homes for Sale?
Listing agents are an excellent way to get your home in that “desirable homes for sale” spot. They can help stage your home and post it online — both things that will help your home.

The National Association of Realtors reported that over 60% of homebuyers dropped by to see a home they viewed online and almost 90% of homebuyers start looking for homes online first.

As for staging, the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp. reported that homes that were staged sold for around 6% over the asking price. Homes that were staged before they got listed sold almost 80% faster than homes that were staged after being listed — so timing does matter here.

Also remember to keep your landscaping looking fresh and welcoming — and if you haven’t invested in much in landscaping prior to this, now’s the time to do it!

Make selling your home the easiest process possible by doing things right before you even start thinking of selling. If you keep up to date with routine upkeep and maintenance, it’ll be much easier for you in the long run.

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