A Small Act With A Big Result What A Red Cross Clothes Donation Can Do For Those In Need

Clothing donations

An environmental disaster is not the end.

Whether you’ve been the victim of a flood or know someone trying to get back on their feet after a tornado, you’re well aware of what a few acts of generosity can do for a person’s spirit. Red Cross pickup services are a modern innovation for a very old act of kindness that dates back centuries — helping out your fellow man. Many countries have been hit hard this past year, leaving millions in need of a little help. If you’ve been trying to clear out some extra clutter in your home, you’re already on the right path toward helping out a stranger and helping them get their life back in order.

Red Cross pickup makes it easier than ever to reach out to your community (or another community entirely) and leave a positive impact. Used clothing donations are as easy as rounding up a box of clothes, calling for Red Cross pickup services and reaping the numerous benefits that come with recycling. These include cleaning your home, reducing strain on nearby landfills and just helping out those in need. Over 60% of donors cite giving back to their neighborhood as their chief motivation for helping out, cementing that it really does feel good to do good.

You don’t have to look any further than the American Red Cross when it’s time to donate clothes. The American Red Cross provides consistent help for countless communities across the globe, though they wouldn’t get so far without your generosity. As of now it stands tall as the 13th largest American charity (this is ranked by the amount of private donations) and serves 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Back in 2014 it exceeded an astonishing $685 million in private donations alone.

Just like a yawn, giving back to your community is a contagious act that just keeps on going. Over 70% of Americans will give to charity every year, adding up to a stunning 3% of total income in the United States. That’s as many as $660 billion to non-profit organizations. Clothes donations enjoy consistent demand for their high volume and easily recycled content. The most damaged and frayed piece of clothing can still be put back into the economy as useful materials, so never think for a second you don’t have much to offer!

There’s a lot of demand for nice clothes and affordable prices. Americans will consume over 20 billion garments of clothing per year. How many is that per person? That’s roughly 68 garments and seven pairs of shoes. It’s not unusual when you consider how easily fashion trends come and go. This doesn’t even touch on growth spurts, unavoidable accidents and shifts in personal taste. Do you have a piece of clothing you haven’t worn in six months or more? It’s time to toss it. How about clothes that no longer fit? Rather than clinging to it, trade it in, keep your receipt and put your saved money toward some new outfits.

The next time you see the end result of a natural disaster, take it as a sign to reach out. Just letting someone know you care can make their entire year.

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