Birthdays, Anniversaries And Weddings How To Choose The Perfect Bouquet For A Special Day

What to know about flower delivery

So many flowers, so little time. How are you supposed to know the symbolism, allergies and bouquet arrangements of every single flower out there?

That’s what a florist is for. Flowers are an incredibly diverse and bountiful plant, coming in literally thousands of different varieties as we know it. Keeping up with all the subtle meanings can take a toll on a person, especially when you’re just looking for a thoughtful gift to perk up a friend. Flower delivery can send the perfect arrangement right to your doorstep and save you the trouble of perusing list after list in search of your ideal choice. Take a glance at the list below to learn more about what flowers stand for and how they can make any birthday party, Mother’s Day brunch or anniversary that much more memorable.

Did You Know?

Loosen up with some fun facts before diving into what constitutes the perfect anniversary flowers. Flower arrangements are nothing new — in fact, there are depictions of elaborate bouquets as early as 2500 B.C. The annual spending of floral products in the United States (from fresh flowers to fruit basket arrangements) is a whopping $26 billion, to boot. Although buying flowers for a friend or family member is a common choice, it’s not uncommon to see people buying flowers for themselves. It’s estimated as many as 35% of all flower purchases are to decorate one’s desk or shelf.

Birthday Flowers

If you’re not sure what to get someone for their birthday, a lovely arrangement of flowers in a nice vase will do just fine. Flowers have been proven to elicit positive emotional responses from the majority of people — even those with allergies can find something to love with hypoallergenic varieties like roses, tulips and lilies. A birthday flower arrangement can be paired with a bow, a card or some cute candy to make the package complete. Want to go even further? Combine the bouquet with some matching jewelry or a small plushie.

Anniversary Flowers

What about an anniversary? These are a rather interesting area to search for since they’re after a wedding, but not quite like a bouquet offered on Valentine’s Day. When in doubt, go for something soft and romantic. Carnations are a much beloved choice for their similarity to roses while still maintaining a more feathery and delicate look. Not a fan? Consider a bundle of daisies or a knot of daffodils. Although certain anniversaries encourage certain flower types, there’s no shame in stepping off the beaten path for a loved one!

Wedding Flowers

Anniversary flowers are one thing. Flowers for wedding are an art form in of themselves. There are entire shops dedicated specifically to choosing the very best flower arrangements, decorations and bouquets for weddings. A typical wedding budget will dedicate anywhere from 7% to 8% to flowers alone, which should say something about how important they are to this special day! Fluffy white roses are a classic choice for both flower crowns and bouquet arrangements, though some weddings will opt for a unique approach and go for red, pink or even yellow.

How To Take Care Of Your Flowers

Nothing in life is permanent. You can still go the extra mile to help your flower arrangement last as long as possible. There are a few ways you can keep your bouquet looking sprightly for longer, so try passing on these tips to your friend or family member after they receive their gift. Mixing a little bit of white vinegar and sugar into the water can give your flowers a boost, while keeping your flowers out of the sun will keep them from wilting. Once the flowers have fully wilted? You can dry and preserve them in a scrapbook or behind glass to decorate the house.

From graduation flowers to anniversary flowers, there’s a bundle of love for just about everyone.

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