A Few Good Pews Where to Find Church Furniture


It seems the church and the pew go together, but that wasn’t always so. Pews, at least permanent ones, were not a usual part of churches until after the Protestant reformation. These days, church pews are a common fixture in most houses of worship, although you may see a variety of different styles.

Depending on the church, the pews may differ. Some churches offer only still wooden pews that are about as comfortable as wooden bleachers. Other churches offer church pews with cushioned seating that may also offer foot rests. If your religion incorporates a lot of kneeling during prayer, the pews may also include kneelers in front of the seating bench that allow you to kneel in comfort rather than having to kneel on a hard floor.

Pews are common pieces of church furniture that you are likely to find in any main worship areas including balconies. If you look down from a church steeple, you can see rows and rows of church pews.

For some people, pews are not just something to be enjoyed in church. Antique church pews have become a popular furniture item in private homes. Pews can be used as accent design touches or to provide bench seating in a kitchen or dining room.

If you are looking to buy pews for your home, you may be able to find church pews for sale. Churches that do remodeling projects or that have to do renovations may offer the opportunity to buy church pews and other pieces of furniture. Churches often sell used items such as furniture to help raise money for new items. There are a number of ways to find such furniture for sale. Of course, word of mouth works, but you also should be able to find sites online that specialize in selling church items. If you are willing to pay full price for a new church pew, you also can check with a manufacturer or religious supply company.

Church furniture, including pews, is an important part of the church experience, but it also can make a good addition to a home. If you want pews for your home, you have to know where to look to find them.

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