Homes Without Security Systems Are 300% More Likely To Be Robbed How To Stay Safe

Access control system

Nothing shakes up your sense of self quite like a break-in. What you previously thought as your repreive from the world can seem like just another space when someone uninvited welcomes themselves, takes your belongings and puts your family at risk. With petty theft, break-ins and vandalism on the rise, the benefits of a commercial security system can only make things easier. Whether you require a business security system to give you peace-of-mind every time you close up for the night or want a home security system to look after your valuables, security cameras are one of the best tools in our fight against crime.

Home Security Throughout The Country

Have you been the victim of a break-in recently? You’re far from alone. The number of property crimes alone back in 2013 reached a staggering eight and a half million. Despite this being down 4% from the prior year, security system installation is still attempting to spread awareness to make this still-high number lower over the coming months. There are nearly 18 million home security systems installed throughout the country. Will your home be one of them?

Shoplifting And Vandalism

Theft is commonplace nearly everywhere you go. American businesses large and small see a stunning $13 billion in shoplifting losses on a yearly basis, causing many to seek out the benefits of a commercial security system to tackle this issue from the root. According to statistics provided by the U.S. Department Of Commerce, nearly 75% of employees will steal. When it comes to your home, it’s important to differentiate between common misconceptions about burglars and the truth.

Burglary Habits And Awareness

A burglar isn’t merely a middle-aged man with a knife and a knapsack creeping in the night. Thanks to data provided by law enforcement and home security companies, common misconceptions have been swept under the rug to better prepare everyday people for what’s to come. Nearly 30% of all burglaries occur with said burglar entering through an open or unlocked door. Likewise, the majority of burglaries happen during afternoon hours rather than night.

Preparation And Prevention

It’s not enough to simply catch an offender in the act. Items can still be stolen, windows can be broken and your wallet can take a beating after an incident. Preventative measures are incredibly important in putting a dent in crime and something you can do every day. At least 85% of break-ins are committed by non-professional criminals, with some interviewed offenders admitting they would circumvent a house entirely if they spotted a surveillance camera in place. Likewise, some insurance providers will offer up to 20% in discounts when you install a commercial security system.

How To Install A Home Security System

To install a video surveillance system in your business or house is to keep your valuables safe, your family away from harm and your future secure. A business security system can contact law enforcement in case of a breach and provide you the tools necessary to catch a perpetrator in the process. Likewise, security cameras in the home have been proven to deter the majority of burglars. More than two million home intrusions are reported annually in the country. If you want to stay firmly out of the realm of future statistics, contacting your local security system company is the first step toward a safer life.

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