Create the Wedding You’ve Always Imagined with a Wedding Planner

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While you and your spouse-to-be are planning your special day, chances are that you’re searching for unique wedding places. Since you want your wedding and reception to reflect your personalities, you may be included in the 40% of brides and grooms-to-be that are looking for unique wedding places.
Have you been looking online for reception venues? A recent survey showed that nearly half of all couples begin searching for their’s online. If you haven’t discovered just the right venue yet, have you considered working with a wedding planner? Just imagine how many helpful tips and ideas they will have!

Were you aware that an average of 2.4 million weddings are performed every year in the United States? While 35% of these are held outdoors, others are performed in other romantic settings. Whether couples choose to get married in the morning, afternoon, or evening, June continues to be the most popular month for this celebratory occasion.

Most brides begin planning their weddings well in advance, which is a good idea. They are so many details to work out, and a wedding planner can assist them with this. A recent survey showed that 30% of brides begin planning their wedding 7 months to a year before.

Experienced wedding planners will say that wedding receptions should be booked between 9 months to a year prior to getting married. When booked well-ahead, couples can be sure they have the date and the venue that they want.

While some weddings may be small and intimate, others are a bit on the larger side. In 2014, for example, the average couple invited 136 guests to their grand event. When looking for wedding venues, it’s important to have a good idea of the guest list, including the plus-1s.

When you’re in the planning stages of your wedding ceremony and reception, there are so many decisions to make. Will you have a lavish sit-down dinner? Or, would you prefer that your guests are able to mingle with a cocktail-party-style reception? Have you considered live music and dancing? Decor?

Once you meet with a wedding planner, they can share their expertise on unique wedding places,wedding reception places, menus, entertainment, and more. Be sure to ask them about all inclusive event packages, too. After your wedding and reception plans are underway, all you need to do is count the days until the wedding, focus on your honeymoon plans, and most importantly, the life you will share together.

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