3 Common Myths About the Adopting Process and the Reality Behind Them

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An incredible number of pregnancies in the U.S. are still unexpected; over the past decade, the statistic has pretty regularly hovered at around 50%. For some, this is the result of not using contraception; for 43%, it?s the result of incorrect or inconsistent use of contraceptives. No matter the reason, the reality for many people is that they are having a baby, but it?s not one they were adequately prepared to care for.

Adopting remains one of the best alternatives out there when it comes to providing for your unexpected child. If you?ve been considering adoption programs, there?s a few things you should keep in mind. There are a lot of myths out there about adoption — let?s run through them.

Adoption Means You Never See the Child

Hate the idea of never knowing what happens to your baby? Open adoptions — where the birth parent regularly receives information about the child, and may have some contact with them — are increasingly popular. It?s no secret that adopted kids often end up wanting to know about where they came from. And, if you don?t want any contact with your child — that, too, remains an option.

Adopting Means You Didn?t Try Hard Enough

There?s nothing wrong with deciding to keep your child, and thousands of parents do make this decision every year. However, it?s no secret that this isn?t the easiest route, and in some ways it may not be the best path forward with your child. If you have your first child before you graduate from high school and have a full time job, your chances of being poor are about 76%; yet the chances of being poor if you can graduate and get a job first are just 2%. Children often suffer when raised in poverty, and events can quickly spiral out of control when something like an unexpected illness knocks a week?s worth of pay off the table. Adoption can give your child stability, while giving you time to get your life together.

Adoption Programs Give Me No Choice in the Family

To be fair, every adoption program is different — but all have a focus on giving the child a great environment to grow up in. Many adoption agencies allow prospective parents and birth mothers to meet so that they can determine whether these families feel like the right fit. If factors like religion are important to you, this is something most agencies can take into account.

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