Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding Day

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If you are planning your wedding, you know how much work goes into your big day. It may feel as if you have more than a million details that need your attention. Many people in your life will have opinions about what they think you should do and how your should organize the day. Here are some tips to make your wedding plans process easier.

Tips for Planning Your Dream Wedding:

  • Set your budget. Before you think about anything else surrounding your wedding plans, look at your finances and decide what you can spend. It will take a lot of work but do not let anyone pressure you into spending more money than you want to spend. It is really easy to go way over budget on wedding plans or plans for any big event One good way to keep your budget in mind is to put it in writing.
  • Remember, this is your wedding. Some people feel pressure from their friends and family to hold the perfect wedding for someone other than the two people who are actually getting married. Do not let anyone use guilt or other tactics to alter your wedding plans. If you have always wanted your wedding outside, do not let someone try to force you into having it at a venue because they like it. This is your day, not theirs.
  • Make yourself a “to do” list. You do have a lot of details to think about when planning a wedding. You should make your list in the order that things need to happen. The first things you need to decide when making your redding plans are when and where you will have your wedding. The time of year and the amount of lead time may make a lot of difference in booking everything. If you have people helping with your wedding plans, attach names to tasks. Every task should have at least one name next to it. When you leave tasks open, no one will actually rake care of them.
  • Be somewhat open when it comes to your venue. If the place you have always dreamed would be the best venue may not be available when you want to get married. Fret not! If you cannot change the date, you may find other wedding halls or locations. There may be other kinds of venues that hold a variety of events. One may work better in your wedding plans than you think at first. Just because you have never seen a wedding at a place does not mean it is not one of the most romantic wedding places.
  • Find a good caterer and music option. Sure this is a romantic day that is all about you celebrating your union with your soul mate. It is also a social event and most people judge those by their food and fun. Think about the best kinds of food for the size crowd you plan to have. Do you want a sit down meal? Would you prefer a buffet? What kind of food do you like? If you are rending a wedding ballroom, find out what the catering options are. Many wedding halls require you use they in house caterer.
  • On the big day, relax. This is much easier said than done but is essential to having a good time. By the time your wedding day arrives, you will have done everything you can to make the day as perfect as possible. Because you have a limited amount of control over time and space, something during your day will go wrong. You should remember that you can control your reaction to the problems that will arise. The chances are that you are the only one who knows that something went wrong with your flowers. Do your best to have a good time with the rest of your guests.

It is easy to get wrapped up in making everythng “perfect.” The good (and maybe bad) news is that it will not be perfect and it is really just a big party. If you look at it that way and are not trying to make it the end all and be all of weddings, you and your guests will have a great time.

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