Three Trends to Consider for Luxury Home Designers

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Home buyers have a rough time in today’s housing market, especially if they have a grand scheme for what they want in their homes. Many of the homes on today’s market are dated and require a number of projects to get up to the ever-increasing standards of today’s home buyers. Rather than find their perfect dream home, many home buyers are instead designing their luxury home plans with the help of a contractor. Here are three things to consider when looking into luxury house designs.

Eco-Friendly Sustainability

Many Americans are looking to cut down on their energy expenses and waste to create a more green living environment. Designing custom home plans around solar panels is one of the first steps towards a self-sufficient home. Decreasing energy consumption is a must for such systems to operate at peak levels; geothermal systems are show to use 25-50% less energy than their conventional heating and cooling counterparts while simultaneously reducing emissions. Using spray foam-type insulation over traditional insulators can help reduce heating costs by as much as 50%. There is an eco-friendly option for every home appliance as well: convection ovens, for instance, are shown to use less energy while cooking food up to 25% faster.

Luxurious Comfort

Your house ought to be the one place in the world where you feel truly at home — so go ahead and treat yourself! The typical luxury home costs upwards of a million dollars to build due to increased expectations. These expectations include stone bathtubs and infinity pools, underground wine cellars, recreational facilities on the property, outdoor kitchens, and other amenities. One’s budget is the only constraint when it comes to luxury house designs.

Futuristic Tech

Many custom home models can seamlessly integrate technology into the very framework of the home. These smart houses are fully-wired to connect devices, electronics, and security features that can all be accessed from smartphones or tablets. Custom home builders work in a dynamic market where the technology of the future may be readily available tomorrow. Your dream home is out there, it just might be waiting for you to build it first.

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