Are You Looking for a Small Town Escape?

May river

Instead of visiting historic towns next summer, why not live in one? Instead of purchasing books about homes in some of the most famous historic towns, why not invest in one? If visiting and reading history is your pleasure, why not buy a home near the historic town of Bluffton, South Carolina, or other lowcountry living places?
Following design guidelines to ensure integrity and sustainability, many planned community developers try to build their vibrant community near historic towns that are in close proximity to large areas of open land. Targeting middle to upper-middle class folks who are looking for high quality homes surrounded by nature and an active sense of neighborliness, these communities are attractive to all kinds of families. New parents with young children. Older couples who want to be near possible beach and golfing properties. Single city workers who want a quite place to rest on the weekends, but still only be a quick commute away from the office.
A planned community with a safe neighborhood in Bluffton, South Carolina, is just 30 minutes away from Savannah, Georgia. Being a short half hour drive from one of the oldest cities in Georgia that is also a top tourist destination, Bluffton is a draw for families who want to find a peaceful place, but still be near a major metropolitan area. Being so close to the Atlantic Ocean is another obvious draw.
Being near the wooded lands of the South Carolinas is also an attraction for some pretty interesting wildlife and other small animals. In fact, because there are various wildlife preserves located nearby Bluffton, the environmental agencies in these areas have done their best to attract and keep some pretty rare species. For example, South Carolina is home to eight of the fourteen tree frogs found in America. Botany Island Beach, which is also in South Carolina, ranks as one of the premier nesting sites for loggerhead sea turtles. In the year 2014, females lumbered ashore and dug at least 200 nests.
What are you looking for in a new home or a new community? Are you searching for a quiet place with a historic background that your young children or older grandparents will want to visit for many years? Are you simply looking for a new home nestled into a wooded land that will provide you the peace and quiet you can not find in your big city office? If so, the May River area of south Carolina may be just the place where you can find the perfect mixture of all that historic towns and relaxed living has to offer.

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