When Purchasing a Home, Consider the Ease and Benefits of Townhomes

Ideal location

When looking to buy a home, there are several things you consider. Is the home in an ideal neighborhood? Is it close to your work or your children’s school? These are all important questions, but have you ever considered a townhome? Here are three benefits to choosing townhomes over a tradtional, single family home.

  1. They?re low maintenance.
    Townhomes require less maintenance than a typical single-family home. When you?re a homeowner, you?re responsible for the upkeep of every aspect of your property. A homeowner?s association will maintain your lawn and repair damages in the building. If you live in a snowy area, most townhome complexes will have someone plow the streets and shovel the walkways for you. If you don?t want to worry about the extra upkeep that comes along with owning a home, a townhome is the perfect solution for low maintenance living.
  2. There are tons of amenities.
    Depending on which townhomes you look at, many will offer some great amenities. Some may offer a clubhouse or a common area with a fitness center, a swimming pool or a playground for the kids. There are even townhome complexes with basketball or tennis courts for the sports fanatic. You?ll enjoy a fun-filled lifestyle in a new home community where people gather and enjoy recreational activities.
  3. They?re more affordable.
    The cost of townhomes are typically less than single family homes. You?ll also save money while living in a town home thanks to the homeowner?s association. The cost you?ll spend in home maintenance over the years will greatly outweigh the total cost of living in a townhome. You?ll also save money on costly appliances. Most townhomes come equipped with dishwashers, refrigerators and a washing/drying unit so you won?t have to purchase them yourself.
    Keep in mind, townhomes are not apartments. Yes, you?re sharing a wall or two with another family, but townhomes are designed to feel like a single-family home and offer all of the same comforts. As a townhome owner, you own the space and you can make several additions and changes to really make the house feel like home. Many complexes let you paint the walls or make alterations to fit your personal style. Do some research to check out the townhome complexes in your area and see if a townhome is right for you!

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