3 Reasons to Finally Get Rid of Your Useless Universal Remotes

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It seems like everyone has a couple of all in one remote controls in a random drawer around the house, but they’re just sitting there collecting dust. The reason people forget about their universal remotes shortly after buying them is simple: they usually don’t work. The average American home now gets 189 cable TV channels, so it’s crucial to have a remote suited for your specific device.

Between skimming through hundreds of universal remote codes and realizing it doesn’t even work with your device, universal remotes are wasting valuable time that you could be spending in front of your expensive television. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid this harrowing fate. Here’s a rundown of the problems with universal remotes, and a solution to take back your remote control freedom:

    Universal remote codes. Programming a remote sounds like it could be pretty easy until you unravel a stamp-sized piece of paper than ends up being the size of your living room. This paper contains hundreds of universal remote codes, only one of which will work on your device. Everybody has a horror story of entering a code on their universal remote just to find out that it somehow turned on your microwave in the other room.

    Missing features. According to the Consumer Electronics Association, the average American home has four remotes. All remotes are different, and there’s a good chance that all four of your home’s remotes are from a different manufacturer. Universal remotes are only programmed with basic functions to cast a wide net and accommodate every manufacturer. It’s a lot like combining every single ice cream flavor into one scoop; it just doesn’t work. Things get left out and buttons that you need to enjoy your device are not available to you on a universal remote.

    The Redi remote. A Redi remote is a fully compatible clone remote that directly replaces your device’s original remote control. Unlike universal remotes, original replacement TV remotes are already programmed to work on your existing device, so there is zero set-up required. You simply take it out of the box, point, and click. They’re available for every manufacturer and brand under the sun, from Sony to Panasonic to LG, so you’ll never have a hard time finding the perfect replacement remote for your device.

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