The History and Development of Remote Controls

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The average American spends between 3 and 5 hours a day watching television. With the average cable user receiving an average of 189 channels, there is no shortage of quality television programing. Thanks to the introduction of the remote control, watching TV has never been easier or more convenient.

The Remotes of Yesterday
The earliest TV remote was the “Lazy Bones” which debuted in 1950 and came with a wire that connected it to the television. Five years later, another company developed the first wireless remote control, the “Flashmatic”. Televisions would not come with original remote controls packed standard until the 1970s. Today, there seems to be a remote control option for just about any major appliance or entertainment device.

The TV Woes of Today
Since so many objects rely on a remote control, it is no surprise to learn that the average home theater system can use up to five or six remotes: one of the cable/satellite receiver; one for the VCR or DVR; one for the DVD player, one for the TV itself, and one for the audio amplifier or surround sound. Many Americans have to go through multiple replacement remotes to keep their devices working long after the remote is lost or damaged. Many businesses that carry electronics offer TV remote controls replacement options, including programmable remote controls that can help eliminate the clutter caused by multiple remotes.

Remotes of the Future
The future is already here thanks to newer remote control models. All in one remote controls can integrate with a variety of devices, allowing the homeowner to maintain complete control over their entertainment environment. There are new remote controls which don’t even require batteries to function, and even remote controls that can control your computer. With new technology being introduced and developed every day, who knows what the future holds for the humble remote control. If you’re looking for an upgrade or just standard TV remote controls replacement, you’re bound to find whatever it is you’re looking for.

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