Reasons You Should Look at City Loft Apartments Instead of a House

Loft apartments in philadelphia

When browsing the market for your next home, consider looking at city loft apartments. Sure apartments have some disadvantages, but the advantages outweigh any negative you could think of. Below are some reasons why a loft apartment should be your next home.

Apartments are Less Expensive Than a House

If you’re not financially ready to invest hundreds a month on a house, renting an apartment is the way to go. On average, renters save almost $600 a month; investing that will give you more opportunities than using the money for a down payment. When taking a loan out for a house, you’re merely giving money to the lender for five years — after that, and only after that, is when you start building equity. If you aren’t able to make those payments you’re going to have your house taken away. Almost 40% of all foreclosures are bought homes. Unless you’re incredibly financially stable, buying a home is extremely risky.

Landlords Remain Responsible

When you rent an apartment, the landlord is responsible for the majority of the upkeep — something many homeowners have to take on themselves. Some complexes offer 24 hour on-site maintenance and first-class amenities. You also don’t have to worry about insurance or taxes increasing each year if you rent. Hate cutting grass? In city loft apartments you don’t have to worry about trimming the hedges or edging the lawn as all of this is done by the complex.

Live in Luxury

Apartment living has some stereotypes: those just starting out, college kids trashing the place, etc. If you look in the right neighborhoods, though, you’ll find that many apartment renters live in luxury at a great price. Living in the city means you’re never far from anything. Need a quick grocery run? There’s a shop down the corner. Craving some take out at 10 at night? It’s within walking distance. Spending less on your rent and maintenance allows you to spend more on luxurious furniture and hobbies, which is sure to make you feel like royalty.

Before you start saving up that down payment money, start looking at a big city for apartments. City loft apartments are incredibly affordable and with so many options, you’re sure to find one in your budget. Don’t waste your time or money trying to buy a home, move into your dream apartment now!

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