3 Biggest Things to Think About When Buying a Home

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Everyone has needs and wants. However, these needs and wants especially come in to play when it comes to buying a new home. There are so many factors and options to consider, from the design of the home itself, to the community it in which it resides. Figure out what to look for in a new home below.


1. Location
This seems obvious, but there are many facets of the location of a home to consider. Who are the neighbors/other residents of the community? Getting a feel for the demographics of your potential new area will give you a preview of whether or not you’ll feel comfortable with peers. How far is it from your place of work? This will determine what type of transportation you will need to utilize to get to and from your workplace. And a big one — are there schools nearby? Realator.com conducted a survey of 1,000 potential new homeowners, and 91% reported that school boundaries were important to them. On even a larger scale, 45% of all Americans said that they wanted to live within school boundaries.

2. Design
Of course, the aesthetic appeal of a house is important, both inside and out. What type of material is the outside made out of — bricks, wood, etc? What color? Is it a modern home design, or a more vintage look? Working with a home builder can help you tailor a potential house to fit your specific needs.

3. Price
The biggest question of all — how much does your prospective new home cost? The area the home is in, the time period in which it was built, and any possible alterations that will be made to the home must be taken into account. Older homes tend to cost more than newer homes. If the area is a middle-class area, the home will be priced accordingly. And 15% to 25% of the total price of your house will go to a contractor, should you use one. Having a budget and keeping record of expenses will help you immensely.


Keeping all of these factors straight can be difficult. Fortunately, master-planned communities exist. A master-planned community is what the title implies — a community that is totally planned from its inception. They are built on un-plotted land, and take into account the wants and needs of people looking to be potential residents of the area in which the community will be built. Getting into contact with a master-planned community developer may be just what you need to find the perfect new home that fits your personal wants and needs. Read more here.

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