Fabric Updates to Custom Curtains and Drapes Impact Your Home’s Impression

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When you walk into a home for he first time, what is it you notice? If you are visiting a friend you just met, or even a model home showing the newest building trends and designs, what catches your eye? If you think about if for a minute, walking into a new environment can be an overwhelmingly amount of eye candy of the designer kind. What catches the longest glances, however, is often the natural light from large floor to ceiling windows. And, if well designed and selected with impeccable taste, the custom drapes and curtains around those windows will cause you to pause.

The impact of custom drapes and windows and other fabric fashions used throughout your house are likely some of the biggest reasons that it might be time for a change in your home. As many as 47% of Americans haven’t updated their home decorating in the last five years. This, despite the fact that most women, as many as 65%, and most men, as many as 58%, admit they would rather shop for items for home items than shop for shoes. After painting the walls, updating drapery designs and drapery fabrics, as well as reconsidering chair upholstery, can change the entire look and feel of what may have become outdated interior. Reupholstering furniture and planning for special touches like bay window treatments, will have your guests stopping to take notice of the changes you have made.

When you decide it is time to make interior decorating updates, your first stop might be a full service custom decorating fabric store. By visiting a showroom at a fine fabric store you will actually be able to see and touch the fabrics, instead of just flipping through sample books. Custom drapes and curtains frame not only your windows to the world, but also the scene inside your house so you deserve the opportunity to visit a quality and well stocked showroom before making any decisions.

In addition to providing beauty and making a statement, today’s custom drapes and curtains also serve a variety of other purposes as well:
–drawn during cold weather, most conventional drapes and curtains can reduce heat loss up to 10%.
–during summer months, medium-colored draperies with white-plastic backings reduce heat gains by 33%.
–using Velcro or magnetic tape to attach curtains to the wall can reduce heat loss up to 25%.
–some brands of blackout curtains block up to 99% of light.
–some brands of blackout curtains block up to 40% of noise.

Whether the style of your home is traditional, modern, country, eclectic or global, chances are the more than just the custom drapes and curtains in your home could use a decorating update.

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