Three Simple Ways You Can Show Your Support For Military Families This Summer

Used clothing pick up

So many of the organizations that help military families receive a large portion of their charitable donations during the winter holiday season between November and into January. While this is very much appreciated, support for military families, troops, and veterans is needed all year round.

Now that Memorial Day — the official “unofficial” start of summer — will soon be here, now is the perfect time to plan how you can show your support for military families this summer. There are a variety of ways to you can help. Here are just a few.

Clothing donations

Clothing donations are needed all year round, especially in winter. While your cleaning out your closet and wardrobe as part of your spring cleaning regimen, why not take a moment to set aside gently used articles of clothing, or even bedding, that you’d to donate? These not only help military families meet their needs, but they also help to reduce textile waste in landfills.

Organize an event

Summer is the season for outdoor events such as organized fish fry dinners, barbecue chicken dinners, and more. Often times, these events are used as means of raising awareness and money for military families. Hosting an event similar to this for a military family or families in your area is an excellent way to honor their patriotism as well as their sacrifices.


Volunteering for a military or veteran charity will allow to thoroughly understand why it’s always been said that giving is better than receiving. Volunteer provides several emotional and mental benefits, and allows you to connect with others in your community and unite under a common goal.

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