“You Can’t Sit With Us!” (Avoiding This And Other Cliches At Your Next Backyard Party)

Backyard tent rentals

In every summer blockbuster geared at high school students nowadays there’s that infamous “walking through the cafeteria” scene, where the off-beat protagonist must navigate the modern youth wilderness and pick the lunch table that is socially acceptable to her.

What these movies rarely hint at is that tables don’t stop being important after high school, as anyone who has ever planned a wedding, Bat Mitzvah, or birthday barbecue will tell you. Planning a shindig, especially a small scale backyard party, involves hundreds of little details, and chair and table rental is an essential aspect of the process. Table renting, tent and chair rental may seem like a whole lot of money you don’t need to spend, but really investing in these things can allow you to cut the largest cost–the venue! A well planned back yard layout can utilize places in your yard that would normally be dead space by providing guests with more seating and you with more options to place party equipment, like speakers and chafing dishes.

Table renting specifically is a sly way to control the demeanor of your guests and make a frugal event look lux. There will be less worrying about if Aunt Gladys is going to get in a tiff with your free-spirited cousin Sally about her outfit if all the aunts sit together and the kids have a cool lounge spot to themselves. Furthermore, many outdoor party companies offer things a bit more exciting than that wet blanket Aunt Gladys’s folding card table for rent–furniture that lights up, for example! Tables that employ LED technology are a great, expensive looking eye catcher that draw people to a specific space (away from the bar, maybe), and will have your guests talking long after the last round of “Eye of the Tiger” is sung next to the petunias by, you guessed it–a tipsy Aunt Gladys. So the next time you’ve got a back yard festivity to plan, pop in “Mean Girls” for inspiration and put table renting at the top of your to-do list. You will not regret it.

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