Three Things to Consider When Choosing an Assisted Living Center

Senior housing

Every one of us wants to be able to return the favor to our parents and take care of their needs when they get older. However, whether because you live in a different country, your other family responsibilities are too great, or your parents need more care than you can give, this often isn’t an option. That’s where an assisted living center or senior housing option can help.

As IBIS World statistics show, there are nearly 20,000 nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and senior housing facilities in the country. How can you possibly narrow down all of those choices and make the best decision for those you love? Start with these simple tips.

How to Choose the Right Assisted Living Option

  • What Sort of Assistance Do You Need?
  • Before choosing eldercare facilities, you first need to decide exactly what sort of assistance your loved one needs. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of needing help with laundry and other daily activities. In other cases, the elderly need help ambulating and using the bathroom. Knowing exactly what your parents need help with will ultimately determine whether you need an assisted living center or a full-on nursing home, as the points out.

  • Talk with Current Residents
  • For U.S. News and World Report, one of the best ways to gauge the quality of a facility is to talk with current residents. What do they say about their aides? Do they feel that the price of the facility is worth what they get in return? Asking these questions and others can ensure you make an educated decision.

  • Bring Your Loved Ones to Visit During a Facility Activity
  • After your loved ones move into their new home, it will be important for them to stay engaged with daily activities, both those that stimulate the body and the mind. That’s why a places so much emphasis on taking your parents to visit different facilities during their activity periods. Do your parents enjoy the sorts of activities offered? If not, you know you should look someplace else.

How did you choose an assisted living facility for your parents? Share your tips in the comment section below. More can be found here.

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