Want to Help Others and Save the Planet? Donate Your Used Clothing to Charity

Charities for wounded soldiers

In the United States, the average person throws out a staggering 68 pounds of clothing and textiles every year, according to some research estimates. However, clothing and textiles are some of the easiest materials to recycle, and they can be given to charity instead of being sent to the landfill. Additionally, there are a variety of different ways to donate clothing, and there are plenty of different groups and populations who benefit from the generosity of others. Here are just a few of the charity organizations that rely on used clothing donations.

Children in Need Clothing Charities
Clothing donations that go toward helping families in need are especially vital in all communities. Children and teens often grow out of clothing each year, so many parents need to buy clothes for their children on a regular basis. By donating clothing, you can ensure that it either goes to these families for free, or it will go to a secondhand shop where it will be sold at affordable prices.

Wounded Veterans Charities
Wounded veterans charities typically include groups that focus on helping military families and those individuals who have earned a Purple Heart. The purpose of wounded veterans charities is often to collect clothing and household items to help these veterans and their families.

Recycling Organizations
Clothing recycling has evolved recently to use new techniques, all of which utilize “green” technology and make the world less polluted. Typically, this clothing can be broken down to the smallest fibers and then reconstructed into new, durable materials. Donating clothing to be recycled means reducing the amount of waste in U.S. landfills by as much as 5%.

How have you helped donate clothing and household goods in your community? Tell us about how you like to help in the comments section. Continue reading here.

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