How to Shingle a Porch

If you are putting in a new porch soon, you will have to decide how you are going to install the roof. You could hire a roofer to install the shingle or you could give it a try yourself. Shingling a porch is a great place to learn because it is normally not as high off the ground.

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Plus, the surface area is smaller and won’t require as many shingles. In this video, you will learn how to shingle a porch.

So what is a shingle exactly? You have likely seen them on roofs. However, they look much different than you would expect. A single shingle actually consists of three tabs. These tabs have tar on one side that hardens in the sun. This helps keep the shingle in place. Therefore, you will always want to make sure the tar side is facing down so that it can attach to the roof. Even though there is tar, you will still need to nail down the shingles. You should nail down the shingles with them overlapping horizontally by six inches and five inches on top of each other.


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