Is Solar Roofing a Good Choice For Your New Home?

Solar roofing consists of solar shingles that work like mini solar panels. However, they are imbedded right in your roof as shingles themselves. This is opposed to being attached on top of the roof like a hat. This makes them a much more stylish option compared to normal solar panels. However, they can be much more expensive as well.

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This is really the tradeoff when determining between solar panels and shingles. Fortunately, the technology gets better and better with each passing year. Even though labor costs are high for roofing contractors, there are more competitors entering the market for solar roofing. This includes some of the largest names in roofing that people trust.

One of the main factors that cause people to get solar shingles over solar panels is timing. If someone needs to replace their roof anyway, they might as well got solar shingles rather than a new roof and solar panels on top. This is essentially killing two birds with one stone. Just don’t go throwing literal stones because that would be bad for your roof. Fortunately, they are easy to repair and replace thanks to their modular design should something bad happen to your solar roof.


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