Tips From A Hospital Midwife How To Have The Best Possible Birth

You are finally going to meet your little angel. That’s so exciting.
Hello and welcome to ___. In this video we are going to share some tips for soon-to-be mommies from a hospital midwife.
1- Relax:
Take a deep breath, and relax.

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It’s not that tough, you don’t have to rush. While giving birth, if you feel tired and contractions get lower, just take a short nap and continue when your energy is restored.
2- Be Active
Try to do some easy and small exercises when you’re pregnant. Staying active is healthy for you and your baby’s health too. Ask your hospital mid-wife or doctor before starting any exercise.
3- Prepare Your Partner
The person who is going to be with you during labor should be prepared. Find a doula if you can’t find the right partner. Doulas are experienced mothers who join you in labor to encourage you.
4- Pick the Place and Procedure of Birth Wisely
The birth procedure and place matter a lot. Choose the procedure and place in which you feel comfortable.

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