Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofers

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The type of property you own will determine whether or not you hire commercial or residential roofers. But what’s the difference? This video explains the differences between commercial and residential roofers so you have a better idea of why either one is better suited for your property.

Commercial roofing contractors will use more fall protection equipment to stay within the rules of OSHA. There will be temporary fall protection installed during the installation of the roof, as well as more permanent anchors for maintenance later on down the line.

Residential roofing typically uses fewer fall restraint systems because the work is less time-consuming. The workers will only be there for a day or two and so the fall restraint systems are seen as cumbersome or even hazardous for the work.

However, there are plenty of options for temporary fall restraints that residential roofers can use. They can be easily covered with ridge caps once the work is complete. Systems can also connect more than one roofer at a time. This provides a lot of mobility without sacrificing work speed.

Increased safety measures are worth considering for residential roofers because they face the highest number of falls from a roof. For more information on the differences between residential and commercial roofers, click on the video above.

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