Tips on Limo Rental

If you’ve never rented a limo before you probably have a few questions about what you need to ask or should know. Keep reading for some tips on a limo rental.

First, check how many passengers you are going to have to go with you. A limo rental can sit one or two people or up to forty to fifty passengers.

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Knowing how many passengers you will have will help narrow down limo options for your budget and group size.

Second, determine the number of hours you will need the limo rental. Most limo rental companies can do any amount of time from one hour to a full day to an entire weekend. How long you will need the rental will dictate the price so for example, the hourly rate for one hour will be much higher than the hourly rate for 10 hours.

Third, you’ll need to know the date you want the rental. The rental company will need this to check availability. While a limo rental company has dozens of limos, they may only have one specific type of limo, like one lincoln town car limo or one hummer limo, which also leads into the next tip.

Fourth, determine what type of vehicle you’d like. If you already know, they can check the availability, or if you do not have a specific limo in mind, they can recommend one that would work best for your budget and party size.

Watch the video above for more tips on limo rentals!


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