Waterproof Your Floor Like This

Waterproofing is important to maintain the integrity of your floor. Otherwise, your floor may stain and even grow mold when liquid seeps in. In this video, you will learn how to waterproof your floor. Also consider waterproof vinyl flooring if you are planning on replacing your old flooring entirely or building a new floor.

You will need the right materials and equipment before you get started. Make sure that you have primer, a stirrer, a hammer, knife, level, scraper, membrane, caulking gun, silicone, and the waterproofing product.

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Start by rolling the primer across the floor and bottom of the walls. After the primer is dry, put silicone in the cracks along the panels and flooring tiles. Let the silicone dry for a day before beginning to apply the waterproofing product. You can use masking tape to mark how far the waterproofing product should go up the wall. It doesn’t have to be more than a foot high. After this, roll on your first coat of waterproofing until it covers everything. Then you can put a membrane over top of it. This will also need to dry for a day. Once this is dry, you are ready to roll on a second coat of waterproofing product. After one last drying session of 24 hours, your water proofing is done.


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