The Many Needs for the Red Cross Pickup for Donors and Recipients

The American population donates to charity every year, including about 70% of Americans donating annually, with about 3% of total income given to charities. With many charity pickup services available in the United States, one of the most popular charities includes American Red Cross clothes donations. Considering the month of January 2015 alone, there were over a half million Americans were homeless on at least a single night at any time. While only about 15% of homeless individuals are considered “chronically” homeless, plenty of them faces a situation that places them out of home for a short period of time.

American Red Cross Clothes Donations

While donating money to charities may not be an option for many, there is the ability to donate old items and those that you no longer use to those in need. These are just as beneficial to Americans in need. The American Red Cross and other charities are able to pick up donations and accept drop off donations as well. Many charities take donations at their centers and pick up donations to help keep those in need dressed and in shoes, especially for families who do not have the money to buy these items for their children as fast as they need them.

American Red Cross Donation Centers

With the American Red Cross being one of the largest charities to assist those in need, centers are available for the donation of clothes, shoes, houseware, and more are all deductible from your tax return. There is consistent access to these donation centers, while there is also the ability to schedule an at-home pickup from the American Red Cross. Another valuable point about those donation centers is that there are 24-hour donation cans available for the placement of those items you wish to offer.

Pickup Service for The American Red Cross Donations

One of the many benefits of the American Red Cross is the Red Cross clothing pickup service. There are different Americans who may need clothing, shoes, or other items, and your donations are available to help. This can be easy when you don’t have time to drive to a location that collects donations. While Red Cross donation centers are often the easiest way to supply your used clothing donations and other items, the Red Cross pickup service helps to work with your schedule. No matter if it is a time when you are cleaning out the house, getting ready to move, or getting ready for another shopping trip, there is the potential to clean out the closets and other areas to collect items that can be donated. Some things that could be chosen to help donate to the American Red Cross and other charities include the following:

  1. Clothes and shoes you don’t wear anymore.
  2. Clothes or shoes you don’t need anymore.
  3. Clothes or shoes that don’t fit anymore.
  4. Possible coats and outerwear that you don’t need or don’t fit.

Any of these items may be more beneficial to those in need who can’t afford to buy new clothes and shoes as often as they are needed. And, even more, the American Red Cross pickup comes right to them to get them out of your way. Whether it is clothing, housewares, or other items, there is a lot that could be donated based upon the simple fact that you don’t need them anymore.

No matter whether you determine to make an American Red Cross pickup donation for clothing or other items, there are many benefits in the long run. There is a cleaner home when these excess items are gone, there is the positive nature of supplying those in need. So many reasons exist to donate old clothing and shoes, whether you think they are completely worn or not. All of those American Red Cross pickup clothing donations are able to work as a positive benefit for others in need, and you can often find a local station accepting donations even if you don’t live near a Red Cross center yourself.

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