Red Cross Clothing Pickup Can Help The Environment And Provide Your Community Relief Here’s How

Charitable donations know no time or season. It’s always a good time to give back to your community.

Some visit local food drives and offer as many non-perishable goods as they can to help out families in need. Others prefer to participate in fundraisers by doing community work. When you have a busy schedule, it can be tough figuring out which form of charity to become involved in. Red Cross clothing pickup remains one of the easiest and most effective ways of doing good. Able to swing by your home and pick up your unwanted clothes, clothing donations can check off several boxes in one go.

Clean up the environment. Clear out your home’s clutter. Let’s see what Red Cross clothing pickup can do to help you help others.

More Americans Are Donating To Charity Every Year

Have you noticed more people in your community or friend group reaching out to charity? It’s more than just a hunch. Recent studies have found up to 70% of people in the country will give back to their community each year — around 3% of overall American income is sent to charities, an impressive figure that’s expected to hold steady thanks to technology. Social media has done a lot to make sharing good deeds easy, creating a generous ripple effect that translates into action. Imagine the impact your simple Red Cross clothing pickup could do.

Landfills Are Extremely Hazardous And Getting Bigger

If you’ve considered becoming more environmentally supportive this year, consider donating your unwanted clothes to charity. Landfills remain one of the most frustrating environmental hazards to date thanks to their size. Millions of pounds are regularly sent to landfills every year, with most materials able to be recycled easily. Household textiles, in particular, can be repurposed without a drop in quality. These include (but aren’t limited to) cotton, nylon, latex, rubber, and certain types of plastic or wood.

Used Clothing Is A Popular Choice For Many Demographics

When’s the last time you visited a thrift shop to buy a new jacket or pair of jeans? Turns out buying used clothes will become more popular as time goes on. Several demographics benefit greatly from gently used clothes at a low price, from students on a budget to struggling families. When donating clothes to your Red Cross clothing pickup make sure to double-check them for holes, tears, or burns. Stains and missing buttons should also be taken into account, as these will be put up for donation or sale.

Make Sure To Keep Records Of Your Donations

The benefits don’t end there. You can also chip away at your tax obligations with the aid of Red Cross donation centers. The American National Red Cross is currently the 13th largest American charity as ranked by private donations — back in 2014 it raked in over $685 million, an impressive figure for any charity. Your clothes donation to a selected charity is tax deductible for the value of the items you donate, so make sure to keep your receipt. You can even boost your social media message by emphasizing this benefit.

Donating Is Just A Wonderful Thing To Do

When it comes down to it…it just feels good to donate to charity. We live in rough times, with the economy more unstable than ever and many scraping to get by. Providing local families, students, and individuals with gently used clothes goes a long way to improve morale. You’ll also improve your own life by reducing frustrating clutter in your home and providing tax relief. For 24 hours per day (and 365 days a year) the American Red Cross provides relief for countless families and individuals every year.

Do a little good this year. Reach out to Red Cross clothing pickup and ask them about their used clothing donations.

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