Tips for Finding the Right Elderly Care Giver

When you have an elderly family member who needs help, you want to make sure you find the right caregiver services. Here’s what you need to know about choosing caregivers for elderly relatives, whether you need home care, end of life comfort and care, or long term care.

Start By Assessing the Need

Think about all the areas where you might need caregivers for elderly to help. Do you need help with medications or physical therapy or primarily with daily life tasks like bathing and dressing? Will your relative need meal preparation or help with paying bills and running errands? Knowing what you need will help you find just the right care situation.

Use Your Needs to Develop a Job Description

Once you have assessed your elderly relative’s needs, you know what you’ll be looking for in caregivers for elderly patients and client. You will know what level of medical training you need, for example, whether that be a registered nurse or a certified nursing assistant. You’ll be able to determine whether you need carers who have a driver’s license or someone with the physical strength to use special equipment necessary to help your relative get around.

Where to Look

The first step is to ask around in your social group. This could include friends and family, coworkers, other parents at your child’s school, or a church or club network. Find out where and how others have had their own elderly family cared for and how satisfied they were the help they received. Use this as a base to check out professionals and organizations that might be able to help you.

Always Check References

Even if you hire a professional organization to facilitate finding caregivers for elderly relatives, you will still want to check references carefully. Check out the references of the company providing the service and ask for references for any individual they recommend. Be sure to follow up on these and make sure the caregiver you’re considering is qualified and has a good reputation.

If you will be paying caregivers for elderly clients out of any state funds, a background check is mandatory. Even if you’re not using state money, a background check is always smart. Look for anything that might put your relative at risk; not just violent behavior, but drug or alcohol issues as well.

Finding the right caregiver for your relative can be an anxious process, but carefully planning your strategy before you begin can make the whole process less difficult.

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