Planning the Perfect (And Stress Free) Wedding

Delicious finger foods: check. Adorable, whimsical decorations: check. An afternoon booked at the city’s most trendy venue: check. One stressed out, tired, hungry bride to be with a million things to do: check.

As if getting married were not stressful enough, your rehearsal dinner is tomorrow afternoon. A million different things are on your to do list, from slicing up cheese and crackers for 40 people to finding an outfit that makes you look absolutely stunning, but not so stunning that you can’t look better on your big day. You are praying that there is nothing that you forgot for the big day and, if there is, that it is not anything that will ruin the festivities, from rehearsal dinner chair rental to a table to a DJ that does not show up.

Here are the most important things to check off your list sooner rather than later; if forgotten, they could pose some serious challenges for your rehearsal dinner.

Party tent. If you are planning on having your rehearsal dinner outside rather than an indoor wedding venue, whether it be in a lawn, a park or a courtyard, you absolutely want to have a plan in case of inclement weather. For one, you do not want your guests to be miserable, and for two, you do not want expensive gifts or rented equipment to get ruined. Good wedding places encourage women to choose to make a backup reservation in an indoor venue; however, to avoid this double unnecessary cost, simply rent a party tent. A high quality tent can protect your special day from rain, annoying winds, and uncomfortable sunlight. If you choose a thick tent with curtains to serve as walls, make sure the tent either has some kind of ventilation system, or have fans in place to keep the air inside moving.

There are many wedding planner packages available to help you with this stress. These wedding planner packages are usually all inclusive to include finding the best catering, the best venue, and more. If you can afford to consider adding wedding planner packages to your budget, it may benefit you greatly.

Party equipment. Your needs will vary depending on your party. Do you need a cooler to store beverages? Do you need an outdoor dance floor? Do you need linens or table cloths? Do not catch yourself off guard the day of your shower by forgetting to have all of the equipment you need ready.

Party furniture. How much of a disaster would it be if it were the morning of your party and you realize that you have completely forgotten about the rehearsal dinner chair rental? Usually, the longer you wait to reserve your party furniture, including chairs, tables, and others, the more expensive it is.

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