Your Place Of Worship Is Showing Signs Of Age Should You Look Into Church Steeple Prices?

It can be demoralizing seeing your church slowly crumble to pieces before your eyes. Water damage, the onset of age…it’s a lot that your place of worship has to go up against in a given day.

Thankfully, there are smart church steeple prices and oak church pews for sale you can take advantage of. There’s no shame in admitting your church needs a little help being restored to its previous splendor. Just like interior design leaves a positive impact in our homes and offices, so too does a polished church help worshipers and visitors feel inspired. There is a long and storied history behind church pews and replacement furniture, particularly in the West, and you might be curious to know how it’s added up to the resources you’re able to access today.

Take a walk down the road of old knowledge and learn more about church steeple history before you buy.

Churches looked a lot different back in the day, both in their design and how they were cleaned during an average year. Western churches were actually not all that commonly furnished with permanent pews before the Protestant Reformation. The rise of the sermon as the most central act of Christian worship, particularly when it comes to Protestantism, would see the pew becoming a standard item of church furniture inseparable from the mainstream church image. While some church pews boast benchlike cushioned seating, alongside footrests, others are much more simple repairs.

You might be interested to know that replacement pews and church steeple prices weren’t a concept a few hundred years back. Many churches preferred a tradition of public kneeling prayer. Pew rental even became a source of controversy in the late 1840’s and 1850’s, with the Church Of England leading the way with dissent concerning this new addition to the old tradition. Anglo-Catholic parishes would then be founded and dubbed ‘Free Churches’, characterized by their deviating from the norm. This norm also included a lack of pew rentals and second hand church pews.

With churches not containing pews for over a thousand years, it can seem almost stunning how commonplace this furniture is today. With the exception of some Orthodox groups today pews are a mainstay of churches the country over. No longer are churches divided between worshipers of different classes, either. From the 1600’s to the 1800’s many churches would have seating arrangements divided by those depending on the money they make and where they came from in society. When you look into church steeple prices you’re looking into many hundreds of years of change, development, and social perspectives.

Today you have more than enough resources to tap into when your church starts showing signs of degradation. Americans today remain a highly religious group. Gallup recently classified around 40% of the American population being ‘very religious’, based on the statement in a poll that religion is an important part of their daily life and they attend services every week. Mississippi remains the most religious American state, with over 60% of its residents reporting it as ‘very religious’. As of 2011, the majority of religious states in the country are in the South.

Church furniture comes in many different shapes and sizes. You can invest in church steeple prices that match your budget or go a little further and invest in steeple repair to maintain the one you have. Antique church pews are rather popular in private homes, with bench seating in the dining area or the entryway. There are several businesses designed for the redistribution of used church furniture or the restoration of existing churches. You can find high-quality photos online and ask for quotes before investing.

Your church is a symbol of history and culture. Take good care of it with antique church pews for sale.

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